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We're so excited to have Beth McGeorge as our guest contributor this week! As a local REALTOR® and mom of 3, Beth has a unique perspective on Jefferson City and what it's like to buy a house and live here. In her article, she touches on the different stages of her life and how Jefferson City has provided a home for her along the way. Take it away, girl! 


I feel privileged to have been able to live in many different styles of homes! Our first home was an adorable little bungalow on a quiet cul-de-sac street! At that point in my life, it was the most incredible dream house and I didn't want anything else. It was comfortable, cute and it was OURS! But it was TINY!

1315 Kolb -  Beth McGeorge

For our next home, we remodeled a commercial building on High Street in Downtown JC. We renovated it into a cool loft with a rooftop deck complete with hot tub! It was clearly our “pre-kids” life. Many, many gatherings of friends and family filled the 75’ x 25’ loft building with exposed brick walls and large windows with window seats to let in the sights and sounds of downtown. This location was an easy walk to nearby festivals and restaurants! I’d even stroll down the road to local banks and title companies for closings! It was the life!

High Street Home

After we had one kiddo, with thoughts of another, we moved to the very popular W. Main Street.  We had found the most picture perfect 2-story with a large backyard right by Memorial Park! Walking to the park and local pool is every kid's dream! Hardwood floors, fireplace, & character throughout! 

2304 W. Main Home - Beth McGeorge

As we continued to grow our family to 3 (count 'em 3) boisterous boys, it was time for us to purchase some land! We had dreams of building clubhouses, playing in creeks, and growing a large garden. Our city yard was big by city standards, but left us feeling restricted from doing some of the things we really wanted to do. So we built a new construction on five beautiful acres! It’s snuggled in between a 200-acre farm and a neighborhood, thus satisfying my love for neighbors and desire to be surrounded by nature! 

Beth McGeorge Family
Land Photo Beth McGeorge

I’m certain this isn’t where our story ends. Once our boys are all grown and move away we can see ourselves moving to a place with more acreage and living in a smaller cabin-type home. The truly beautiful thing about how our housing transitions is that they tie into our story and weave together like a beautiful quilt! Each home, in each different chapter of our lives, has felt absolutely perfect for that moment!

Beth McGeorge Family

Now, for some Q&A on "What is it like to live in Jefferson City?"

Q. What is the cost of living compared to nearby places?

A. Buyers who relocate to Jefferson City from other markets are often so excited to learn how much house you can get for the money! Surrounding larger metro communities will see anywhere from a 20% or upward swing in price compared to ours. The average sales price is hovering around mid $150k’s. Columbia is the nearest major town to us with their average sales price in the $190k’s. 

Photo courtesy of Lindsey Pantaleo Photography

Photo courtesy of Lindsey Pantaleo Photography


Q. What makes Jefferson City different?

A. Commuting in Jefferson City is SO EASY!! Driving completely across town, even during the busiest times of day, is still generally 15 minutes or less! A quick run to the grocery store after work or running errands on the weekend is so much easier than metro areas where it can take an hour. We can zip around town easily! 

Photo courtesy of Lindsey Pantaleo Photography

Photo courtesy of Lindsey Pantaleo Photography


Q. What are unique reasons people move to Jefferson City?

A. The people who live in Jefferson City are a mix of people who grew up here, transferred for work, moved to be closer to family, etc. We aren’t based solely on one industry, but State Government is our highest employer. A close second for major area employers are local hospitals & manufacturing industries. 

Photo courtesy of Lindsey Pantaleo Photography

Photo courtesy of Lindsey Pantaleo Photography


Typically, folks say they are relocating to Jefferson City from other communities because it is a quiet and safe community to raise their family in. Also, being in Mid-Missouri, we offer so many different types of housing! You can live in a loft downtown, in town, or in the country surrounded by acreage! We truly offer the best of both worlds! There's plenty to do and see, you can take a quick day trip to St. Louis or Kansas City & you can enjoy the benefits of a close-knit community life! 

Special Thanks to Beth McGeorge and Lindsey Pantaleo for the images in this post. 

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