Speaks fluent pun • Mom to the two funniest kids I’ve ever met• Would sacrifice husband for a QT in Jefferson City • Larger than average personal bubble • Will stop procrastinating tomorrow • Proud Central Missouri United Way supporter • Pro-Oxford comma • Adore clever music lyrics (shout-out to Old Dominion) • Burps that would make Booger jealous (shout-out to Diet Coke) • Wouldn’t really sacrifice my husband, but gas station taquitos are amazeballs • Graduate of Helias Catholic and • Next life career options include interior designer and hip-hop choreographer • Fruity beer enthusiast • Minesweeper and Sudoku master • “You never leave footprints that last if you are always walking on tiptoe.” Leymah Gbowee.”



Social Media Marketer • Professional High Street people watcher • If there’s one thing I know for sure it’s that I’ll never be done learning • You achieve what you believe • Soul Blazer • Avid reader • Essential oiler for 15 years • Lover of 70’s Folk Rock • If I could meet any American President living or dead it would be Teddy Roosevelt - Hands down • Truman would come as a close second ;) • Writing is my therapy• Enjoys a cup of strong coffee (or whiskey) • Graduate of JCHS and Stephens College • In a previous life I was an actor in New York City • I came home to find balance •



Entrepreneur and Owner of Encore, a local vintage resale store • Mother to little girls • Adult orphan (is that a thing?) • Staunch lover of Capitol Avenue • Owns over 400 pairs of shoes - wears only 10 of them • Can’t sit still • Championship yo-yo dieter • Listens to audiobooks to fall asleep • Can’t sing but loves to dance • Has the messiest desk in all of JCMO • Curator of fine cats • Drinks Fireball unironically • Flagged by the TSA since 2012 • Needs frequent hugs • Obsessed with Jefferson City History • Favorite quote is, “Hand me my checkbook, Annie. I’m gonna buy this place and shut it down.” - My Nana, c.1989, after having her coupon denied at Paul’s Cash Saver •

Bill Plank


JCMO advocate with more ideas than time • Keeps the lights on by saving lives, avoiding accidents, and preventing financial ruin • Tries to keep up with a beautiful wife • #dadjoke teller to two rad kids • Chief belly scratcher of lazy dog • JCHS & William Woods Graduate. Brad Pitt style Mizzou alum • 3rd Grade State Spelling Bee Bronze Medalist • Type 1 diabetic athlete • Lover of the outdoors • Cycling enthusiast – MTB, Gravel, & Road • Culinary adventurist & beer connoisseur • Radio splits time between Metallica, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash, Snoop Dogg, and KIDZ Bop • Believes in changing the world every day •Has never lost a thumb war •

Hannah Kiddoo jeffcityblog.JPG


Born and raised in Missouri • Lived in Madison, Wisconsin, and Austin, Texas, before returning to my roots • B.A. in communication studies from Central Methodist University; M.A. in journalism from the University of Wisconsin • Passionate about literacy, health access, and women's rights • Fan of mid-century design • Lover of concerts, small-town festivals, and historical markers • Vinyl collector • Katy Trail rider • Amateur knitter • J. Pfenny's trivia regular • Working on filling my passport • Constantly striving to be the hostess with the mostess • Storyteller with a love of local •

Beth McGeorge


REALTOR • #boymom • Title of best wife ever (self-titled) • Lover of music in a way that most people cannot understand • Seduced by travel...I LOVE IT • Dance maniac • Naturally high energy so I'm allowed a max of one cup of coffee a day • My secret career choice (if I could choose anything) would be a successful stand up comedian •






Photographer • camera enthusiast • film advocate • mom to a lovely little lady • wife to the best real estate guy in town • MST graduate • MBA holder • lover of all furry things • crazy cat lady • dancer in another life • interested in JCMO history • real estate investor • avid tea drinker • obsessed with salads…. and pizza • yoga practicer • Gardner • wannabe farmer • needs wine • antique shopper • always seeking the next big thing • thankful for community and where I call home •

Savannah Padgett Contributor


BFA graduate of Columbia College •  Graphic Designer • Photographer • Cat mom • Coffee Addict • Pizza lover • Vintage shopper • Painter • Antique camera collector • Lover of film photography • Obsessed with The Office • Loves my hometown • Dreams of flipping old homes one day (especially on Capitol Avenue) •



Started down the photography path in Jr. High School and have not stopped since • Previously employed as a staff photographer for a daily newspaper • Wedding and party photography helped fund my college career of earning a BS in sociology and an MHD in human development and applied behavioral analysis • Current photography interests are close-up and macro nature photography • 20 year vegetarian that still misses BBQ ribs • Happy to begin daylight savings time to get more time to bicycle the Katy trail • Closet banjo enthusiast (I have to play in the closet so as not to annoy others) • Traveled the United States meeting people and understanding their stories • Honestly believe Alfred Eisenstaedt’s belief – “When I have a camera in my hand, I know no fear." •

Original Writers

Missy Creed Jefferson City

Missy Creed

Social media manager by day, BIG dreamer by night • Identifies most with Jpfenny's slogan, "Always proud. Never satisfied." • Believes in the power of positive thinking • Listens to Beyoncé before important #girlboss meetings • Is a helicopter parent to her puppy Preston • Jill-of-all-trades • Engaged to be married • JCHS and MSU alum • Mastered the art of patternmaking & sewing in a previous life • Honorary member of the clean plate club • List-maker • Has goals to own multi-unit rental properties • Breaks rules like wearing white, black, brown and blue all at the same time • Had to leave Jeff City and come back to be able to love it • Daughter of Harold and Judy Creed •

Sarah Bohl Jefferson City

Sarah Bohl

Mom and wife to three amazing kids and one lucky husband • Spanish & Multi-media teacher to some spectacular students • Loves listening to podcasts on long road trips • Believes in visualizing what you want and going for it • Understands the importance of gratitude • Proud alum of JCHS and LU • Former member of the Blue Tiger tennis team • Always looking for a reason to have friends over •Habitual hot tea drinker • Traveler of many countries • Loves being social and making new friends • Determined to never stop learning • Sister, aunt, and daughter to some pretty special people •