The Village Square

I’ve have a confession…

Every week we write about things to do and places to explore in Jefferson City, and this week I really explored a place for the first time that has been right under my nose. I literally lived a couple miles away from The Village Square for most of my life and only stopped by to get coffee. I feel like a failure for not going to this “village” so much sooner.

But no need to worry! I have righted my wrong! I thoroughly toured the entire square, and am so thankful I did.

The Village Square is a unique and historical landmark of Jefferson City that has been turned into a community full of entrepreneurs doing what they love. The blood, sweat, and probably some tears that Hank and Linda Stratman have put into this space has paid off exponentially. They have turned an old motel into a destination for people to enjoy some free time, and it is even a place to live.


Let’s back up a little bit…

If you didn’t already know, The Village Square (formally known as Warwick Village) used to be one of the first Motor Courts in central Missouri. It was built in 1935 and was designed to have the characteristics of the European Villages displayed at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1934. Later the a hotel building was added so that many elite business men and politicians could stay there.

FUN FACT! Harry S. Truman, a senator at the time, stayed there.


In 2007, Hank and Linda Stratman purchased the property and gave it a total renovation. Since the buildings were close to despair, the Stratmans refurbished the smaller buildings and redesigned them to include suites, office spaces, apartments, and a coffeehouse. What they wanted was to create an atmosphere that is like no other in Jefferson City, and I have to say - mission accomplished.


If you head over to The Village Square (no longer referred to as Warwick Village), you will find a mosaic community of small business owners and entrepreneurs. There are multiple beauty salons, art studios, and gift shops. There is also one of Hank, Linda, and the East Side Business Association’s passion project, Freedom Corner.

When you walk into each of these businesses you automatically feel welcomed by the cozy atmosphere. The business owner is right there to greet you with a warm smile for your appointment or to show you around.

Here’s an intro to all the businesses you can find in The Village Square:

bombshell salon

Come in and get a cut, color, & style by Liz.

svetlana’s studio salon

Here you will find a warm European style environment for hair cutting, styling, and coloring. Other services include massages, pedicures, and manicures.


Village Art Studios 1 & 2

Whether you are interested in a class, workshop, birthday party, or other private event, these are the venues for you. Artists can try many different mediums such as canvas painting, mixed media collage, mosaics, clay hand building, wheel thrown pottery, and fused glass.

The Art Bazaar

Looking for locally-made handcrafted items? This local artist co-op is a great place to find gift for any person.

Riegel Development & Property Management

Here you can find a contractor to help you build a new home.


This salon is a small, one-station salon suite. This means you can enjoy a quiet, relaxing environment where it's all about YOU! FIERCE! is owned by Curtis Brooks, a stylist with 10 years of experience.



Come by and enjoy a manicure and pedicure. You can choose from many unique and creative designs.



Put a little length in your lashes! Stop by for lash extensions, brow tinting, and much more.



In conjunction with the East Side Business Association, this monument serves as a tribute to the service and sacrifices of our nation's past, present, and future armed forces.



The restaurant (formally Brew House Coffee) is available for rent. This 3,000 square foot space has indoor and outdoor seating areas for 60 people, upstairs board room, full service kitchen, and a drive-thru lane.

If you’re interested in starting your own business and being a part of The Village Square community, give Hank Stratman a call at (573)230-5269!

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