The Beauty That Remains

It’s been almost a month since the tornado hit Jefferson City, and as many of you know, the building Missy and I rented was destroyed. Each week since then, we had aspirations to write a letter about our experience. Each week we failed. We didn’t fail in the sense of neglecting it or simply not getting it done, we failed in the sense that we still didn’t know what to say.

There were so many emotions we couldn’t find the words to talk about the feelings that were jumbled up inside of us. However, last week we went on a run/walk downtown to play the Atropine game we wrote about last week.

Even in the cold rain and with destroyed buildings in sight, we could see how much beauty remained in our city. There are still so many historical buildings with their charm and character left completely in tact. The flowers still look perfect in the Governor’s garden and our Capitol is still standing tall and proud dressed in its white construction gown.

That got us thinking…

Instead of writing our letter that we have no words for, why not just highlight how much beauty there still is here? If a picture is worth a thousand words, we’re about to give you 18,000 words! How’s that for failing? ;) This doesn’t just include buildings or landmarks. It includes the people who manned or womanned during this time of devastation and took charge to help those in need. That’s the kind of beauty in our city that will never go away.

Missy set out to snap some of the buildings she loves and with a little help from our friends Sydney Wilde and Cassie Hucakabay, we compiled some bright and cherry images from the tornado. Of course, we don’t mean for this to make light of the situation, but when it comes down to it, we choose to be positive and thankful for what we still have.

We’d love to know what some of your favorite buildings and architecture in town are. Tell us in the comments!

laurel-dunwoody-love-2-nourish-tornado-volunteers-capitol ave-jefferson-city-mo-jeff-city
tornado-volunteers-capitol ave-jefferson-city-mo-jeff-city
tornado-volunteers-capitol ave-jefferson-city-mo-jeff-city
tornado-volunteers-capitol ave-jefferson-city-mo-jeff-city-donations-kids
tornado-volunteers-capitol ave-jefferson-city-mo-jeff-city-cassie-huckabay-my-fair-ellie
tornado-volunteers-capitol ave-jefferson-city-mo-jeff-city-building-community-bridges

Special thanks to Sydney Wilde and Cassie Huckabay for your help on this post!

And as always, we thank you for your support, messages, and for continuing to read this blog. Much love!

-Missy & Sarah

Photo Credit: Sally Ince

Photo Credit: Sally Ince

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