Meet Suzanne Luther of Four Quarters Art House

Suzanne is a creative, energetic soul who inspired students for 25 years. You might recognize her if you attended Jefferson City High School as your former Art teacher. Even though she is no longer teaching, she is still on a mission to inspire those around her with art. That's where Four Quarters Art House comes in. 


In this phase of her life, she is using her time and talents to create a "cycle of healing" for our community. She is taking older, unused buildings, giving them a facelift, and utilizing them to earn a profit with a mission: to help the homeless in our community. Her first venture, located on High St., will serve as a bed and breakfast for bikers coming off of the Katy Trail. She's making it cool. The building makeover will be designed, painted, and furnished by local artists. Each home will be unique and will give local artisans a chance to show off their talents while earning a little extra money on the side. The decor within the house will be purchasable for visitors and locals alike. 


I met with Suzanne and asked her a few questions I'd like to share with you:


Q. How long have you lived in Jefferson City? 

A. I was born and raised here, so with living away only during college, and a few short years early in my marriage, I have lived here approximately 50 years

Q. What made you want to start this business?

I am most thankful for doing what I feel, without a doubt, I am meant to be doing!
— Suzanne Luther

A. I enjoyed drawing, painting, and teaching art (and later gifted), but I had a persistent, then insistent, feeling I needed to be doing something different. While it may have taken many professional, and personal twists and turns to clarify exactly what I felt called to do, I KNEW whatever it was needed to be creative AND meaningful!  Exploration, tenacity and faith resulted in a clear vision and the business idea: Four Quarters Art House.

Q. What are you most thankful for when it comes to your business? 

A. I am most thankful for doing what I feel, without a doubt, I am meant to be doing!

Q. What is the most challenging part of your business? 

A. Balancing personal life with everything that goes into starting and running a business. Oh, and technology ! :) 

Q. What are your goals for the near future? 

A. Besides having the first 4QAH ready for guests by September, I would like to secure another neighborhood building with broader zoning options; a building where we could have a gallery and fresh food options for trail riders (especially on Sunday mornings).

Q. How do I feel about Mondays? 

A. I LOVE that Mondays are now every bit as exciting as every other day of the week!

Thank you so much for your time, Suzanne and for the work you're doing! We look forward to tracking your progress and seeing these buildings come to life again. If you want to learn more about Four Quarters Art House or stay updated visit their website or Follow them on Facebook

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