Get To Know Dr. Chandra & Barb Prasad

Meet Dr. Chandra & Barb Prasad of Genesis Company. The Genesis Company has two divisions. They offer comprehensive vein care at our Laser and Vein Center and a full compliment of esthetic and spa services at our Medspa. They currently have 34 employees and 2 locations.

Q. What is the name of your business and why?

We are the Genesis Company. The definition of genesis is origin, creation or beginning. We chose that name because this venture was a new beginning for us and our staff. We had been part of a larger corporation. Going off on our own allowed us to be able create new business processes and relationships. So not only was it a new beginning but also the origin of a new way of operating.  When my Dad saw the name, however, he thought it was named after my parents. (Their names are Gene and Sis). That just ended up being a happy accident, but we couldn’t have picked two better people to name our business after. Hopefully they will bring us some extra good mojo!

Q. When did your business get started? Motivation factors? What were you doing before? How did friends and family feel?

Before opening Genesis, we were doing a lot of what we are currently doing within a larger company. The creation of the Genesis Company gave us the ability to have creative control over the environment for both our employees and customers. So many decisions go into making that environment. We felt that having those decisions made at a smaller, local business level allowed us the opportunity to create an atmosphere that best reflected what we wanted for those we work with and the customers we work for.  We were fortunate to have been part of an organization that had a good culture already, and when leaving, we were able to just customize that a bit more to the unique aspects of our business.

Q. What has been your biggest failure/struggle? And how did you overcome it?

Our biggest struggle has been how to manage the growth we have seen over the past few years. This industry is always changing so trying to keep current with the latest advancements and hire the best people to accommodate these new services and growth in clients is always a struggle. When you stay small and don’t make a lot of changes life is easier. Trying to maintain our culture and standards amongst growth will probably always be our top struggle. We try to overcome this by hiring people that adapt well to an environment that changes frequently and keep a strong culture within to make sure that growth doesn’t change the core values of who we are.

Q. How do you define success and how do you celebrate a win?

We define success as happy client, happy staff, and the bills paid at the end of the month. 😊 We celebrate our successes in morning huddles and monthly staff meetings. Hopefully our clients benefit from the environment it allows us to create for them.

Q. What are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

  1. Adaptability – you need to be able to go with the flow, follow trends, re-think your plans, seize the opportunities that come your way, and roll through the disappointments.

  2. Self-Motivated – you need to be the driving force behind your ideas. If you can’t motivate yourself to step up and be the leader, all the good ideas and plans in the world won’t work.

  3. Have Vision – you can’t be willing to settle which may make you a bit crazy, but if you want long term success you have to be willing to keep jumping off cliffs and strive for the absolute best every day. You’ll never leave work with a feeling that your to do list is done. That next goal down the line will always be staring you down.

Q. What is your favorite part of your job?

The relationships we have made with staff and clients and vendors. It’s the people that make it all worthwhile.

Q. What kind of culture exists in your company and how did you establish it?

Our culture goal is a team first mentality and to create a place where we are all held accountable for the good of the team. This takes daily effort to maintain. It sounds like something everyone wants but truly putting it into action is hard. All of us have times when we want to put our own priorities ahead of the whole. Creating this culture requires good communication, common goals and the ability for everyone to see how thinking of the whole first is best for us all.

Q. What are your future goals?

One year? – this year we are working on establishing a cosmetic surgery division at our medspa. Dr. Hahm will be joining our practice in August and we are excited about this new venture.

Long term goals are hard to define. If you had asked me 5 years ago where we would be I could not have foreseen.  There are so many new things available in our industry. So our future goals always need to be to keep up with the changes in the industry and make sure we maintain a full staff of great employees. We also need to grow future leaders in our company so as we want to step back some there is a fresh group of talent with similar goals to keep it going.

Q. What quote or moto do you live by?

Be the change you wish to see in the world.
— Mahatma Ghandi

I love quotes as anyone here could tell you but when asked what my one quote would be I always go back to the same quote. I think Chandra would agree with me:

Be the change you wish to see in the world – Mahatma Ghandi 

If you want things to be different than they are in your work life, your relationships, your home, your community even the world it has to start with you and the things you can control. You can’t wait for others to make it happen for you.

Q. What are the advantages to being a business owner in Jefferson City?

Well first off, is the fact that because we own a business here, we get to live in this great community. This has been a wonderful place for us to raise our family. We have so many role models that we have met here both personally and professionally. Secondly, Jefferson City is the perfect size to be able to offer a small town feel but have the access to clients that allow you to bring that big city flavor. We love that we know so many of our clients and through word of mouth we have been able to expand as we have.

Q. How is community involvement important to your business?

We believe community involvement should be a key part of any business. Without your community your business could not exist. Giving back to those who help grow your success just seems like a no brainer. Jefferson City has a very strong culture of community giving and we have grown up as a business with that as our example. Hopefully, we have picked this up and done our fair share. We like to involve our staff, and all get to know how we are helping. Genesis has a charity of the month and we provide an annual donation to each of those charities. Many of them have been working with us for over 10 years. We love getting to help and watch all the good they do in Jefferson City and are happy we can do our small part.

Q. Who are your biggest supporters and how have they helped? 

As a business owned by two people in the same family, I would have to say our kids. They tolerate all the times we have brought work home and to the dinner table. They have put up with late pick-ups, missed events and preoccupied parents probably way too many times. But they also try and hold us accountable and encourage us to take care of ourselves and enjoy what we have at home. And it is a real joy to have our oldest daughter step in to work with us and grab on to our goals and help us make them happen.

Q. Do you have any advice for those just getting started?

This is not for the faint of heart. I think it sometimes sounds way more glamourous than it is to own your own business. But remember the buck stops with you. You will have multiple employee’s dependent on you for their livelihood, ultimately anything that needs to be done may have to be done by you and there is no one to delegate the responsibility of leadership, which is way harder than you will think. There are many joys that go along with it but you earn them!

Q. What is your go to business or industry specific book?

Wake Up Inspiring and challenging strategies on what it takes to be a No Compromise Leader, by Neil Ducoff.

Q. If people were looking to hire your industry what would you tell them to look for?  

I think each business has a unique personality so if you are looking for either a vein practice or an aesthetic practice or any health care practice in general I would say look for one that matches your style and one that is willing to listen to your goals and adapt the best they can to make those goals happen. You have a choice and you should exercise that choice. I also love to frequent locally owned businesses as much as possible. They are what keep our community vibrant and they usually are the businesses that tend to give back to the betterment of those around them.

Q. How do you prioritize self-care?

Well we work in the self-care industry so you would think that it would be top on your mind but that is definitely not always the case. Thankfully our staff will point out when we are not taking care of ourselves and our kids and my Dad. So, having those voices in our ear does encourage us. Also trying to find a limit of how many hours you work. At first, we had that balance way out of whack but you can’t keep that pace up forever. Knowing when to stop and finding people in your organization to delegate to is key. Plus, it is great to allow others opportunities for leadership and growth. Knowing you don’t have to be the one to do everything is liberating!

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