A Look At Capitol City Cinema

I love the movies! I love the feeling of sitting in the dark with my big tub of popcorn and knowing that for the next two hours I am going to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Who doesn’t, right?

Well, at Capitol City Cinema the experience is even better because you can enjoy your movie and have a glass of wine! It’s little things like this, along with the amazing films and gourmet appetizers, that make this place so special.


This week we are here with Mitchell Woodrum, board president, and he is letting us in on some of the cinema’s history and accomplishments.


Q. What is the Cinema’s mission?

A. Capitol City Cinema exists to educate, inspire, entertain and connect our community through innovative film programming and film related events.

Q. What has been the Cinema’s biggest accomplishment?

A. The Cinema’s biggest accomplishment, since its inception in 2013, is that in January of 2018 we went digital which allowed us to get larger-name, high-quality films.


Q. What was the biggest struggle in getting it off the ground?

A. The biggest struggle the Cinema has faced is spreading the word about what the Cinema is and what the Cinema does. The Cinema is limited to non-paid advertising and relies on social media and word-of-mouth.

Q. What has been the most rewarding so far?

A. The most rewarding part about the Cinema is when you’re finally able to sit back, relax, grab a popcorn and a glass of wine, and watch a film!

The most rewarding part about the Cinema is when you’re finally able to sit back, relax, grab a popcorn and a glass of wine, and watch a film!
— Mitchell Woodrum

Q. What is your main focus or goal for this organization?

A. The goal for Capitol City Cinema is to carry out its mission of education through film and related special events.

Q. How is your nonprofit structured?

A. Our non-profit is structured with a ten-member board, paid box-office employees, and a paid executive director that oversees day-to-day operations.

Q. Who are the other members and how did you all come together?

A. The Cinema has number of incredible volunteers that help for events and screenings, as well as the beginning board members that helped to bring together the Cinema.


Q. What is one thing you wish people knew about the organization?

A. I wish that more people knew about the Cinema. We play movies Thursday-Sunday, and all movies are hand-picked and have some sort of significance.

Q. How long has this organization existed?

A. Capitol City Cinema was incorporated as a non-profit organization in August of 2013.


Q. From conception to fruition, how long did it take to start this organization?

A. Our largest accomplishment-- going digital-- took five years to accomplish.

If you need something fun to do this weekend, head over to Capitol City Cinema and see one of the films playing now. Also, stay tuned for their special events. See you at the cinema!

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