Premium Pets Opens 2nd Location


We’ve got some exciting news!

Our friends right down the street on East McCarty are expanding and we couldn't be happier! Premium Pets is a locally owned pet store with natural food, treats, accessories, and a self-serve pet washing station.

Their new location will not only bring some of the same great things to the west side of town, but there are some fun partnerships being added. Check out the interview below with Brittany Schlup to find out more!

Q. Can you tell us a little about yourself and your business?

A. Premium Pets just celebrated two years on September 15th! We’re a specialty pet market for the Jefferson City area and want to give people a unique shopping experience in addition to being a trusted source of information for pet parents. Since owning my own business I’ve learned so much but never expected the new friends and loyal customers I’d meet along the way. It’s been a true joy and now Brad and I get to experience it together as a power-couple!

Q. Where will your second location be located and when is it set to open?

A. 1005 Big Horn Drive. We saw lots of opportunity having a second location on the west side of town. We’re pushing for a late October opening date, although Got Your Six Dog Training and Kitty’s Critter Hotel will be opening at the end of September for their clients. 

Q. When did you all decide to open your second location and how did you come to that decision?

A. The decision to open a second location really came to us! We were already very familiar with Got Your Six and Kitty’s Critter Hotel and thought this could be the perfect collaboration. The announcement was made live on Facebook August 15th but conversation had started a couple months prior. I laugh now because it really didn’t even seem like a hard decision...when something is basically handed to you, you jump on the offer and hope for the best! 


Q. Will your new location be similar to your first location? If not, what will the differences be?

A. The west location will be very similar to our east location. I’m going for the same feel and products. We’ll have a wash station, food, toys, treats and accessories. The only difference is that in the near future we’ll have a full-time groomer on staff! We’ll be introducing her publically soon! I’m so excited for everyone to meet her during our upcoming open house and nail trimming events! 


Q. Can you tell us about your partnerships with Got Your Six Dog Training & Mackenzie Walker and how they came about?

I like to think of Got Your Six Dog Training and Mackenzie (Kitty’s Critter Hotel) as more of a friendship. We’ve each got our own business, soon to be operating out of the same facility. It’s going to be a unique destination for the pet community. Now you can get your pet’s food, treats, accessories, boarding, training, and doggie daycare out of one, convenient place. There’s no competition here; we’ve all got our areas of expertise and respect that. 

Q. What are you most excited for with these partnerships?

A. I’m excited for the opportunity, on a daily basis, to promote and bolster business for two more female-owned and veteran-owned businesses that are pet related! All 3 of our businesses compliment each other so well! It’s exciting to be teaming up with like-minded individuals so we can grow and learn together. I’ve never done anything like this before but believe there’s strength in numbers. I’m very thankful that we’ll all be a growing family together! 

Q. What are you most excited for with this second location?

A. I am most excited that Brad and I get to share the benefits of running our start-up business together as a husband and wife team and that we can share our journey together with the community! We’ve been married 8 years and saw this as the perfect way to benefit our marriage and our business expansion. I think our working relationship (even though we’ll be in different locations) combined with our love for pets and each other will feed off to everyone in a very personal and genuine way. We have each other’s best interest in mind and I believe that’s going to keep our business running smoothly! 


Q. Is there anything else you would like the community to know about you and your business?

A. Brad and I want to thank everyone who’s supported Premium Pets thus far! It means so much when we hear customers say they want to shop small and keep business local. Without our regular shoppers and partnerships in the community, Premium Pets wouldn’t be in a place to offer additional services. Moving forward with Got Your Six Dog Training and Kitty’s Critter Hotel, our focus is to keep pet’s living longer, happier, and healthier lives. 

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