13 Places to Eat Breakfast in JCMO

Some people like to eat breakfast for dinner. I’ve never been opposed to dinner for breakfast. Maybe that’s the Korean in me though.

Having a breakfast menu is western of us, you know. In Korea, there is no different breakfast menu. Ramen with rice? Perf. Me at home, steak with leftover salad. Perf.

Since earlier this year, when I decided to start intermittent fasting, I haven’t enjoyed breakfast in a while, but last week I decided to do just that. I’ve reached my goal weight and my husband and I finally had a chance to relax and do whatever we wanted. You know what we wanted?


So that got me in the mood and next thing you know, I’m compiling a list of 13 local digs to roll out of bed and into a booth for some early morning grub and coffee.

There are lots of places to get breakfast in JC, but I’m highlighting only local establishments because that’s the name of the game around here.

Here goes (along with my side notes about how to eat at these places while watching carbs):


 1. Towne Grill

This one is first because it’s #1 in my book. Old town feel and they offer egg white omelets. Sit at the bar, sit at two top, sit in the newly added room. Anywhere you sit, you’ll get great service and excellent food. It’s dependable.

2. Angelina’s

Super local joint. Usually packed.  I’ve actually left before because I was too hungry for the wait, but to be honest, that’s a really good sign for when you’re looking for a great place to eat, right?

3. Hy-Vee

This is the only chain in our list and that’s because it’s worthy ok? Hy-Vee has a good breakfast. Period.

4. Mel’s

A staple. Definitely comfort food. Country style goodness. Watching what you eat? Get the Burger’s Smokehouse ham. Done!


5. High Rise

JC’s newest and sexiest joint for … wait for it.. BRUNCH. Yes, I said brunch. Read more about them in the September/October issue of CITY Magazine.. oooohhhhhhh!


6. Schulte’s Fresh Foods

Again a staple, but the only grocery store making the list because their hot deli and bakery KILLS IT. If you’re low carb, order the bacon and eggs with cheese. If you’re not concerned with that, get the breakfast casserole. Thank me later. Donuts are also a no-brainer. If there’s a line, it’s worth it.

7. Dudley’s

I’ll be honest, I’ve never been here, but this was recommended to me by multiple people when I was working on this list at Gumbo Bottom’s so you may see me there soon giving the menu a try!

8. Oscar’s

The east side option, for sure. Oscar’s brings good food and fun diner atmosphere. Personally, I enjoy the 50’s style bathroom. Weird, but true.

Photo courtesy of Kate Morrow

Photo courtesy of Kate Morrow


9. Coffee Zone

Ok, ask for the Infadel. That’s all I have to say. You’re welcome in advance.

10. Sapphire’s

It’s a buffet with a view. To be honest, if you want superior service, try another local joint, but if it’s ambiance and variety you want, not a bad option!

11. La Chica Loca

I couldn’t make this list without this burrito truck. Currently they are not up and running, but soon, they will be! After successfully meeting their Kickstarter goal, our friends from Capitol Ave will be serving burritos again on the reg. They have bowls for low carbers.

12. Veit’s

Mmmmmn probably not for those who are watching what they eat seeing as how it’s a breakfast buffet and there are few items on the spread that qualify, but again, if you’re not worried, this is a fab place to meet friends for some hearty breakfast.

13. Green Leaf

One of my favorite places that I only hope to give enough business to that they’ll decide to open on the weekend! I love this place, so take advantage of it during the week. Gluten Free options are plentiful and the coffee is good.

BONUS: Prison Brews

Prison Brews serves breakfast on Sundays only. I haven’t been there (for breakfast), but it’s on my list and thought you should know.

Ok, so where are you going this weekend? Tell me in the comments!

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