10 Things that bring color to Jefferson City

10 Things that Bring Color to Jeff City

Science says that different hues have a way of altering our mood. In our town, we’re surrounded with pops of color that easily elicit cheer (and are perfect for Instagram)! Below are 10 examples of these bright spots, though the list could certainly go on. In fact, tell us what’s missing by using #JCMOColor in your posts.


Sno Biz
For years, JCMO citizens have lined up on summer nights for an icy treat from Sno Biz. Flavors range from classics like blue raspberry and cherry to more adventurous offerings like dill pickle and butter beer. Feeling creative? Try combining different hued syrups that will please both your palate and your eye.

We like to do things big in Jeff, and our Salute to America fireworks show is no exception! At nightfall, look to the sky for technicolor pyrotechnics and plenty of booms. Be sure to pay special attention to the blue and purple bursts--those colors are the hardest to make.

Farmers’ Market
Tomatoes. Sweet corn. Eggplants. Carrots. Lettuce. Berries. There’s nothing tastier than fresh produce on a summer day, and you could make a rainbow salad out of the delicious offerings at our area farmers’ markets. Need inspiration? Ask a vendor for recipe ideas!

Memorial Park Pool
What comes to mind when you think of Memorial Park? For me, one of the first things is the bright umbrellas peppered around the pool that provide both shade and good vibes to swimmers and sunbathers. Dive in and enjoy!


Bikes and Scooters
Residents and visitors alike have now grown used to seeing vivid orange Spin rentals around town. Powered by the sun and controlled via app, these rentals are ready for action; take one for a ride and explore our city on two wheels!

El Jimador Mexican Restaurant
From the bold paint to the cheerful papel picados that greet you upon arrival, El Jimador is packed with color. Whether you sit on the patio with a frozen margarita or take in a game at the bar, you’ll find a feast for both your taste buds and eyes.

Drink and Draw
Pints and paint brushes might not seem like a natural pairing, but The Mission and Capital Arts make it a flawless duo during Drink & Draw. For $5, guests get access to pencils, markers, canvas, drafting paper, and other supplies to help inspire the creative genius within yourself. Is performance art more your style? Hop on stage during the simultaneous open mic night, and display your music or vocal skills.


Drag Shows
Intricate outfits, outstanding talent, and a whole lot of pizzazz are all on display during the drag shows hosted at Capital City Cinema. Regulars know the featured queens are full of lively entertainment--which is why performances sell out!

Lincoln University Blue Tiger Athletics
It’s hard not to feel excited when you’re sitting in the stands surrounded by a sea of blue at an LU game! From fall football to spring track, these students keep us cheering and keep bringing home national accolades.


It’s true that sunsets happen everywhere, but there’s just something special about a JC version. Whether you're watching dusk arrive over the capital or witnessing rays reflect on the Mighty MO, there’s a sense of wonder in the air and an appreciation for home.


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