Meet the Artist: Calli Loskill

I’m so excited to introduce Calli Loskill on the blog today! Equally excited to show off the crazy good MO Swag design she made for all of us! Our newest t-shirt is a supersoft, long and I love pairing it with my new Hello Belle black jeans with holes in the knees! And folks, you heard it first here… we’ve expanded our inventory and this design is available in children’s sizes. Yes, that means matching with your minis this holiday season!

Black jeans and necklace - Hello Belle,  Jefferson City Shirt - MO Swag

Black jeans and necklace - Hello Belle,
Jefferson City Shirt - MO Swag


With each new shirt, the designer chooses a nonprofit to donate a portion of the proceeds. I’ll let Calli tell you who that is in the interview. You can (soon) find her design at Encore Department Store, Dreams to Reality, and of course in the retail tab of this blog, Shop MO Swag. Without further ado, I introduce you to Calli Loskill!


Can you tell us a little bit about your background? What’s your story?
I was born and raised in Jefferson City. I moved away to attend college and moved back to start my tattoo apprenticeship. Art has always been my focus; truly it’s the only subject I was really able to focus on.

How did you find your passion for art?
When I was very young, my mother, an educator for over thirty years, noticed that I learn differently than how most are taught in school. I went to a Montessori school in my early developmental years. I learned how to tie my shoes, set tables, paint and even throw ceramic pots by the time I was a kindergartner. I realized that only when I’m using my hands am I really able to understand and that mode of learning makes me happy. I developed a strong affinity for all art forms and later took all the art classes available to me as well as many extracurricular art programs.

What is your current job and where? Tell us why you enjoy it.
I’m currently a professional tattoo artist at The Ink Sling Studio with three other talented, kind, professional artists. I love tattooing because I love working with people and sharing in their passions. Although most forms of visual art are solitary activities, tattooing has a strong social aspect that I’m very passionate about. I enjoy helping people express themselves and certain moments in their lives. Sometimes those moments are very difficult, tattoos are very often used when grieving to honor the loss of a loved one. Tattoos tell stories and embody emotions. I enjoy seeing the happiness when they’ve done something for themselves that isn’t easy. The “I did it!” feeling is very special and I enjoy being a part of it. Tattooing allows me to use my artistic strengths to empower others.

What is your favorite medium?
My favorite medium currently is tattooing. However, my original favorite medium is drawing with charcoal. I especially love portraits. As a child I didn’t have the same passion for writing as I do drawing, so my journal quickly became a sketchbook filled with portraits of loved ones. I also have a passion for painting, printmaking and ceramics.

What is your favorite tattoo design you’ve ever done?
My tattoo style is realism but my favorite tattoos are covering up or altering existing tattoos that people could be happier with. I not only enjoy the challenge involved with figuring out how best to solve the problem but I really enjoy giving people another chance to love that part of themselves. Someday I’d like to use this ability to help women who have faced breast cancer, by helping them through the details of reconstruction or by artistically covering scar tissue. Although the example I’ve included is in black and gray, I love working in full color too.


Tell us why you chose your dad to model with you and what does that mean to you?
When I was asked to pick a male to model the shirt design with me I immediately thought of the most reliable and fun guy in my life, my dad. He is always there for our family and because a percentage of the sales will be donated to the nonprofit that my mother dedicates her time to, I thought it would be nice to make it a family event. Truly, Jefferson City is family to me and this city values family so much that it was fitting. I have very little experience in front of cameras so I knew being with my dad would be relaxing and fun.


You’re donating a percentage of the sales to Dreams to Reality. What do they do and why did you choose them?
Dreams to Reality is a resale boutique designed to support women in transition by providing work place attire and preparing them to confidently explore employment opportunities.  I chose to donate a percentage of the sales to this nonprofit because my mother volunteers there and has told me many heart-warming stories of the women’s lives they’ve changed. I have a strong personal sensitivity toward anyone with disadvantages, especially those who are trying to find a way to provide for themselves or their families and contribute to the community.

These shirts were designed with everyone in mind; especially people who respect our history and have hope for our future.
— Calli Loskill, Artist

What was the most challenging part of the design?
I found a couple of things challenging about this design. The first being location selections. I know that everyone has a different perspective of what buildings and sites make them think of Jefferson City. The other challenge was drawing the buildings without a high level of realism, which is the style I lean into the most. All of the shadows and little details of the buildings wouldn’t translate well onto the shirts because of proportions and the printing process.  It was a learning experience but I am very happy with the results.

Who would you love to see wearing your shirt?
I would love to see anyone who loves Jefferson City in a shirt! I think anyone who feels the same sense of family in this city that I do would love these shirts. These shirts were designed with everyone in mind; especially people who respect our history and have hope for our future.


What is in store for you in the next year? Goals? Plans? Dreams?
Without doubt I will continue to tattoo at The Ink Sling Studio, here in Jefferson City. I hope to create art for those who aren’t interested in tattoos, but appreciate other art forms. I hope to continue to contribute to those in our city in any way I can.  I would also love to travel to tattoo and art conventions around the nation or the world.


Connect with Calli on Facebook and click the button below to get your shirt before they’re gone! Thanks for reading!

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