Fall Makeup With Magnify Salon


As we say goodbye to sun-kissed skin, we have a few new reasons to welcome in the fall season. Thanks to Sarah Linhardt, owner of Magnify Salon, one of those reasons is that she is going to let you in on a few new beauty trends to try on your eyes, lips, and cheeks this autumn. 

Sarah is using her new line of La Bella Donna Cosmetics to teach us how to achieve that fresh, fall look. This product line is made from pure rock minerals that give benefits to the skin. Feel good about wearing these natural products that contain only four ingredients. From personal experience, I am loving them!

Before we get started, I would like to give a shout out to our lovely model, Erin Fennewald. 

Alright...let's go!






1. Start with the powder brush and loose mineral foundation. Tap the power into the lid and use it out of the lid. Brush it all over the face. This will help shield your skin from the harsh environment.

2. Pump the Ultimate Pure Perfection liquid foundation into a buffing brush and put on face. This will give a full coverage look. 

The key to eyeshadow is just blend, blend, blend.
— Sarah Linhardt

3. Use Anti-aging Mineral Mystique (hydrating concealer) with concealer brush under the eye, as well as, on the lid. The concealer on the lid will act as a primer.

4. Use Midnight Azurite eyeshadow compact for the eyes. Cover the entire lid with the lightest color.

5. Take your darker color eyeshadow, and put it in the crease. Use the blending brush to blend in the eyeshadow. The key to eyeshadow is just blend, blend, blend. 


6. To apply the eyeliner use a darker shadow and the smudge brush. Dampen the smudge brush to darken the color even more, dip in the eyeshadow, and apply. 


7. When finished with the eyes, use the press powder all over the face. It will tone down the shine and remove any excess eyeshadow from the cheeks. It is also good for a single use because it has SPF 25 and is water resistant. 

8. Apply blush to apples of cheek. Put two fingers to the side of your nose and apply blush on outside of fingers. 

9. With the pad of your middle finger, apply the highlight and lightly touch it on your cheek bones, the bridge of your nose, and right above your upper lip. 

10. Line lips with natural lip-liner. 


11. Apply lipgloss.

12. Apply black mineral mascara starting from the base of lid and wiggle the brush to the top of the lashes.


For a list of products used on Erin, see below. To purchase La Bella Donna Cosmetics, visit Sarah Linhardt at Magnify Salon.

Pinterest Image.jpg
  1. Buffing Brush
  2. Blending Brush
  3. Midnight Azurite-eyeshadow compact
  4. Marta-Ultimate Pure Perfection
  5. Contour Compact
  6. Powder Brush
  7. Concealer Brush
  8. Oval Fluff Brush
  9. Eyeliner Brush
  10. Bianca Lipgloss
  11. Natural-lipliner
  12. #3 Anti-aging Mineral Mystique (hydrating concealer)
  13. Pink Sorbet-Blush
  14. Smudge Brush
  15. Umbria- Loose Mineral Foundation
  16. Nude Lipstick
  17. Marta- Press Powder
  18. Candlelight (highlight)
  19. Black  Mineral Mascara

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