10 School Organization Tips for Parents & Students

Yep, it's that time of year again! School supplies have been on the shelves for weeks and the sales are kicked into high gear. For most kids around the area, classes start next week. It's time to gear up and get ready for another great year. We're sharing back to school tips for parents and students from Sarah Bohl, former teacher and parent of three, and Page Lemongelli, Junior at Blair Oaks High School.

Present? Present! Let's go!

for parents: 

  • Pick Outfits for the Week: When the boys were small(er), I started picking out their clothes for the week on Sunday. I bought a hanging closet organizer and put all their clothes, including socks, for Monday in one section, Tuesday in the next section, etc. I quickly realized how much time this saved me in the morning because I didn't have to look around their room, or the laundry room, for different parts of their outfits. Everything was in one place. Now that the boys are older, they can pick out their own clothes, but we still put them all together for the week ahead.
  • Plan Your Meals: Life is busy, especially when school starts. There is homework to do, books to read, tests to study for, and extra-curricular activities to go to. The list is never-ending. If you know what you are going to cook for dinner before the week starts, you'll have one less thing to worry about in the evenings. This will also help you make a concise grocery list and, hopefully, save some $$$. Download our free jeffcityblog.com meal planner here!
  • Keep All Backpacks in One Place: I can't count the number of mornings that I was scrambling around looking for a school paper, school supplies, or the whole backpack in general. When we moved into our new house, I knew I wanted one place where everyone could hang their book bags (and winter coats). Before the kids go to bed each night, we gather all the things they will need for school the next day and hang them up so they are ready to go. 
  • Clean Your Car Weekly: This is something that I have failed at over and over again, but want to get right this year. This might just be me, but I find it a little embarrassing when the teacher opens the car door to help my kids out and then stuff just falls out. I have to hold up the car rider line just to pick up what fell out. So, if my car gets cleaned once a week, or at least de-cluttered, I can feel better about dropping the kids off and not holding up the rest of the parents. At this time I would like to give a huge shoutout to the Blair Oaks Elementary staff for never having judgey eyes when this happens to me!
  • Make A Fun Jar: Like I said before, the school year can get a little hectic. There are weeks that go by and I realize that I didn't get to relax and enjoy anything from the week. I also realize that if I don't make an effort, we get stuck in a routine rut. We go through the same motions each weekday. This is why I suggest making a fun jar. These are activities that can break up your weekly routine and add some excitement. In our family, each person gets their own special piece of scrapbooking paper, and they get to write down activities that they would like to do. At the beginning of each month, everyone picks an activity. Sometimes we do family activities, but other times we use these as one-on-one time with each kid. You can make this however you want, but it's just a good way to bring some fun back in the week! 

For Students:

  • Organize Yourself: Get a planner, make note of all your events, write out your daily schedule, and set goals! It seems silly and very tedious, but it helps you get organized and stay on task! Writing down what you’re supposed to do in the day helps you hold yourself accountable, stay focused, and get things done.

  • Be Encouraged: Make the most of every opportunity! When you’re faced with a new task or placed in a new position, do your best with it. Don’t spend time complaining about something! When you change your thinking and find the positives, things become a lot more enjoyable!
  • Get Involved: Make the new school year more enjoyable by taking action and involvement. It seems scary and overwhelming to join new clubs or get involved with activities, but once you get active with other people in your school, it’s totally worth it! Branch out and try something new for the new school year. You never know how much you’ll enjoy something if you never try!
  • Practice Healthy Habits: Get yourself used to doing life in a way that will be the most beneficial! We’re just transitioning from summer to school, and I know that no one is ready to start going to bed and waking up at a decent hour, but having a good sleep schedule is so important. Having a routine schedule for the mornings, after school, and nights is super helpful - and after so long you won’t even have to think twice about doing your routine! Have a designated time to do any homework that you might have, or use some extra time to get ahead on any work or studying.
  • Power Up The Kindness: Don’t be afraid to make friends! Regardless of how long you’ve been around or how many people you know, it never hurts to go out of your way to talk to someone new. Causal small talk with another peer in class or just a simple compliment in the hallway could be one of your greatest acts for the new school year. Even talk to your teachers! It seems strange, but they’re human too! I’m sure your teachers get tired of schoolwork and having to constantly keep kids in line all the time - so give them a break by being in line and just being a friend to them! Be kind to others - it’ll help you have a better year, but it’ll also help them have a better year too!

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