JC on 2 Wheels

Hello hello! Missy here!

SO, I was sitting at the dinner table with a group of women I admire at Salad Club (yes, I'm in a salad club and it's delicious). One of them started talking about the bike lanes on Capitol Ave and expressing her confusion. "What does it mean when the lines are dashed?" "Am I supposed to move over?" "Can I pass them?" 

All good questions. 

Questions I didn't know the answer to either. 


I said, "Ok, so what I'm hearing is that we need an informative video explaining what motorists should do and what we should know when it comes to driving safely with cyclists?" The answer: Yes.

JC on 2 Wheels.png

I (curious driver) called my friend, Bill Plank (cycling enthusiast), and he called his friend David Bange (Licensed Cycling Instructor) and together we hopped in the car and on a bike to do just that. 

We hope you enjoy this informative video and learn a thing (or two)! 

If you have more questions after watching the video, be sure to ask them in the comments. We bet you're not the only one!

PS. We know the video was LONG. If you made it through the whole thing, you're our hero. 

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JC On 2 Wheels