February Gift Guide For Him & Her

My fiancé is incredibly easy to buy for, but my dad, not so much. Dad likes what he likes, usually doesn't like what I like, and simply, he has everything he needs. Buy him a tie - he won't wear it. Buy him a sweater - sure, but he has a ton! Buy him candy - that would be irresponsible of me (he's diabetic). 

The women in my life can be tricky. However, being a female, it is a little easier. I honestly buy what I would love to have and wouldn't usually buy for myself. I feel pretty safe with that strategy. That said, I am guilty of wanting to keep gifts I've bought for others because of this approach. It's a vicious cycle, friends! 

My point is, sometimes we need some gift-giving inspiration! So, this month we prepared HIS and HER guides. You're welcome! There's really a lot of cross-over. For example, I'm pretty sure anyone would love whiter teeth, a delectable cupcake, BBQ, or a MO Swag accessory. But, for the sake of organization, we split them up. 

(Just had an idea: Maybe the next gift guide we do is unisex? Stay tuned for that.)

Above all, give from the heart. Go with your gut. Buy one for yourself if you love it. And, if you like this post, let us know by showing it some love and sharing it. 

Side note: How is it already February?!

Happy days ya'll! -Missy

PS. If you're admiring the layout of this gift guide, it was created by our fabulous Liz Albert

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