Meet the Moseleys

Missy and I are over here just fangirling over the Moseleys, folks. Coach John Moseley, Athletic Director at Lincoln University, Crystal Moseley, instructor at Lincoln University, and their daughter, Jillian “Jills” Moseley who is an athlete and completely adorable.

It all started at Casino Night, a fundraiser for the Lincoln University Blue Tiger Athletic Club (BTAC). We heard Coach Moseley speak and we were moved. Once he started asking people to be part of the BTAC, Missy and I had our hands raised with the registration form and money in hand.

Yep, he’s that good!

After joining the BTAC, we just loved hearing about all the great things Lincoln University was doing, and as an alumni, it especially struck a cord in my heart. We wanted to get ourselves and the blog more involved.

After we had our latest shirt (designed by Calli Loskill) made, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to collaborate with LU and Coach Moseley. We asked him and his family to be our models, and we couldn’t believe it but they said yes! (Eeeeekkk!) Let me tell ya’ll, they were naturals!

What started out as just a photo shoot became a full blown interview and we couldn’t be happier. Take a look for yourself!


Q. Tell us your story. Where did you grow up? Where did you go to school? What got you here?
A. John: We grew up in Warren County, NC. I lived in the "city" of Warrenton and Crystal lived in Arcola, which was about 20 minutes away. We met when I was in the 9th grade while I was working the concession stand for the local recreation department where Crystal's little brother was playing baseball. We eventually went to high school together at Warren County HS. I left to go to East Carolina University and I later talked Crystal into becoming a Pirate (with the help of a scholarship that she earned as a future teacher). I've always told people that she was the first recruit that I signed and she's been, by far, the very best!

Working in college athletics for nearly 10 years, my goal had always been to become a head basketball coach. I had only worked in NCAA Division I over that time. When I was contacted about the opening at Lincoln, I was intrigued with the opportunity to turn the program around. Crystal and I visited Jefferson City together during my interview. I spent the day at Lincoln while she toured Jefferson City. As we departed for the airport after the interview, we agreed that we could see ourselves living here if we were given the chance. Thankfully, we got the call and the offer two days later.


Q. What has been the most rewarding so far in your career at Lincoln?
A. John: I had no intentions of becoming an administrator at Lincoln. After my first year, I was asked to serve as the interim AD and later the permanent Athletic Director in addition to my role as head basketball coach. From an administrator's perspective, it has been rewarding to play a role in the transformation of the athletic department from a facilities standpoint, along with providing additional scholarship opportunities for more student-athletes. Establishing and growing the Blue Tiger Athletics Club, our booster club for LU Athletics, has also been rewarding. The relationships that have come from that group will last a lifetime, and that's what it's all about.

As the basketball coach, we have been blessed with a great group of young men that were willing to buy into the culture that we worked to put in place. This has resulted in three consecutive winning seasons for the first time in 39 years at Lincoln University. While this is great, I'm prouder of the fact that we have graduated 11 of the 13 seniors that have played for us. During the 2017-18 season we had 11 of our 14 young men named to the Dean's List in the fall, and 10 of the 14 on the Dean's List in the spring.


Crystal: Before moving to Jefferson City, I spent 13 years as a physical education teacher in North Carolina. When we moved here, I was fortunate enough to start my career in higher education as an academic advisor and success coach at Lincoln. The following year I transitioned to a position of instructor, teaching health and wellness classes at LU. I am blessed to work with young adults and also have time to volunteer at Jillian's school. The most rewarding parts of my job are the relationships I have with my students and the pride I feel when they graduate.


Q. What has been the most impressive thing to you about the students at Lincoln?
A. John: Team sports brings people together in ways that few other things can. It's nothing like having the opportunity to influence young men with the lessons that are taught through participation in athletics. As a coach, I will not know how successful I have been until I see these young men go on to be great husbands, great fathers, great leaders in their communities, etc. Our responsibility is much larger than simply winning a game. We have to build men, and we've been blessed to have young men in our program that have represented Lincoln University and Jefferson City in a first-class manner.  

In life you’re either laughing or crying, so you might as well laugh.
— John Moseley

Q. Three rules (or mottos) your family lives by?

  • In life you're either laughing or crying, so you might as well laugh.

  • You'll get more out of life from having great friends than you will by simply having a lot of money.

  • Never go to bed angry with the ones you love.


Q. What are your big picture goals personal or professional?
A. John: My professional goal is to simply be a positive difference maker in whatever role that I'm asked to fill.

Crystal: I would say my goal is the same as John's. I also want to continue to promote fitness and healthy living, no matter the role I'm in.

Q. Do you have any daily routines that keep you focused, motivated, energized?
A. John: I'm an early riser. During the offseason, when the weather is a little warmer, I like to get up and go for a run. I'm a "glass half full" kind of person to begin with, and I have a sincere appreciation for every day that I'm given to make a difference in the circles that I am a part of.

Crystal: Setting goals for myself and working towards them are what keep me focused. My motivation is the desire to be the best version of myself. Daily workouts give me the energy I need to accomplish the many tasks in my life.  


Q. What change would you like to see in Jefferson City and how can we (as a community) help to make that happen?
A. John: Jefferson City has been a great place for our family. As "outsiders", we have worked really hard to be a part of this community so that people here know that we are genuine in our appreciation for being here. As the parent of a 3rd grader, Jefferson City has to be one of the best places to raise a child.

Lincoln University is an important part of this community and it's important that we continue to build the relationship between the University and Jefferson City. A better Lincoln means a better Jefferson City. I understand the passion that exists for Mizzou, in fact, I am a Mizzou student myself. We are not in competition with the University of Missouri. You can support Mizzou and still be True Blue! The impact of your giving will be magnified when you give to Lincoln.

Q. What does Jillian think of her dad being the coach at Lincoln? Does she bleed blue?
A. John: Jillian keeps me humble, often letting me know that she's going to a school that plays on TV. As an only child, our players are like her big brothers. She will make them candy bags for holidays and we try to make their birthdays special. One thing that she's pretty passionate about is yelling at the referees when she thinks they make a bad call against the Blue Tigers.


Q. Being a transplant to Jefferson City, what’s something that stands out to you about the culture? How is it different than where you lived in North Carolina?

A. John: Jefferson City is a very giving community when they believe in what you're doing. There are so many great people here, and I would like to think, they would tell you that we have something special going on right now at Lincoln. We've moved a lot while I worked for the chance to run my own program and we feel very blessed that our journey brought us to Jefferson City.

Jillian’s Lightening round!


Q. What’s your favorite thing to do as a family?
Play sports

Q. What’s your favorite ice cream?
Fixing my own at Yo Yums or Central Dairy's Extreme Moose Tracks

Q. What’s your favorite school subject?
Recess, lunch, and PE

Q. Who’s your hero?
Mayor Carrie Tergin

Q. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Something related to pets

Q. Hot cocoa with or without marshmallows?

Q. Snickers or Reeces?

Q. What’s your favorite Jefferson City restaurant?
Prison Brews

Q. What’s your favorite show right now?

Q. Soccer or Basketball?

Photo Credit: Crystal’s Father

Photo Credit: Crystal’s Father


If this doesn’t make you want to grab some Blue Tiger gear and check out a game, I don’t know what will! 😉

Thanks so much to Coach Moseley, Crystal, and Jillian for taking the time to help us and we can’t wait to head out to Jason Gym to watch some men’s and women’s basketball!

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