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I’ll be honest…I have lived in Jefferson City most of my thirty-four years of life and not once had I been inside the Convention and Visitors Bureau. Of course I have walked by it at least one hundred times while going to a stroll downtown, but I never actually thought to go in. In my head this place was only meant for visitors.


Man, I am glad Missy and I finally went on the inside. As most people know, the Convention and Visitors Bureau is located in the old Marmaduke House, located on E. Capitol Ave. This historic building is absolutely beautiful from the outside, but the inside is equally as stunning. The front door alone lets visitors know that something grand is on the inside.

When we went inside we met with Brittney Mormann, Communications/Film Manager for the Convention & Visitors Bureau. Brittney was so sweet to meet with us and give a tour of the entire house. After, she sat down and answered a few questions about all the bureau does to help visitors and locals alike.

Brittney Mormann

Brittney Mormann


Q. What is the mission of the Convention & Visitors Bureau?

A.The mission of the Jefferson City Convention and Visitors Bureau is to maximize the positive economic impact of visitor dollars to the community through effectively marketing the Jefferson City area as a desirable convention and tourism destination. 

Q. What is the biggest tourist attraction in Jefferson City?

A. I think that might be a tie between the Capitol, Central Dairy, and the Missouri State Penitentiary – when I act as a tourist and hit up those attractions, it never fails that I run into the same people all day!


Q. What’s the best part of your job?

A. I’m not sure I can only pick one! I am lucky enough to work in the travel and tourism industry which means I get to sell fun for a living. What’s not to love about that?

Q. Where would you personally tell tourists to visit?

A. If they are looking to get outdoors and take in the fresh air, I would tell them to grab their bicycle or hiking shoes and hit the Frog Hollow Nature Trail. It’s one of the most peaceful areas in all of Jefferson City and very scenic.   

Q. What are some places that you would consider “hidden gems” in Jefferson City?

A. The Museum of Missouri Military History is often overlooked but it is packed full of excellent exhibits along with military vehicles and aircraft. Another hidden gem is our Turkey Creek Golf Center. While I can’t hit a ball to save my life, the course is a great place to get outside and have some fun with friends.


Q. What is one of your favorite restaurants in Jefferson City and why?

A. Anyone who knows what a foodie I am or follows me on Instagram knows my love for fries; specifically, Theo’s Greek Fries, Paddy’s fries smothered with their Guinness cheese sauce, and Prison Brew’s PB Loaded Fries. So, based off my food choices, I would say I tend to frequent those restaurants. If I’m looking for something healthy and preservative-free I hit up Love2Nourish.

Q. What advice would you give locals who want to experience more in Jefferson City?

My best advice would be to deviate from your routine and act like a tourist!
— Brittany Mormann

A. My best advice would be to deviate from your routine and act like a tourist! Take a day, or two, and treat that time as a “staycation.” Stop by the CVB and check out the promotional materials and information we have that will help you discover new museums, attractions, restaurants, or hiking trails you never knew existed. Or, call up a friend and ask that they give you a tour of the city. We all have that go-to person who knows everything there is to know about where to find great food joints or unique places. You might find a new favorite gem or an interesting fact about the town you didn’t know before.

Q. What is your favorite place to shop and why?

A. Does coffee shopping count? I tend to spend a lot of money at Three Story Coffee. I love the atmosphere both of their spaces offer, and those baristas definitely know how to make a perfect chai latte – they’ve ruined all other coffee shops for me!

Q. Where is your favorite place for a lunch meeting?

A. My favorite place for a lunch meeting is Rick’s Café. The café is located inside the Governor’s Office Building making for plenty of space for you and your group.

There you have it! Go ahead, take some time, and plan your “staycation” soon. Did you know there’s a Missouri State Penitentiary museum located in the bottom of the Convention of Visitors Bureau? We’ll be posting about that soon so stay tuned. Have a great weekend!


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